BACnet Gateway

●BACnet Gateway transfer different protocol to standard BACnet IP/MSTP protocol.
●It can help building automation companies such as Johnson Controls’ Metasys, Honey’s EBI,Niagara, Siemens’ Insight,Desigo cc, Schneider SBO to solve problems where their configuration software cannot connect to some uncommon control equipment, such as PLC, air conditioners, elevators, fire protection, and lighting control. systems, electricity meters, water meters, etc.
●Supports 9 register types: AI, AO, AV, BI, BO, BV, MSI, MSO, and MSV.
●With Configuration software X2BACnet, 512 points can be completed within 10 minutes.

BACnet Gateway Model Selection
BAC1001-LITEModbus,BACnetIP,OPC XML-DA to BACnet IP,
256points 1*ethernet&1*serial,1*RS485/232,24VDC/AC
BAC1002-LITEModbus,BACnetIP,OPC XML-DA to BACnet IP,
512points 1*ethernet&2*serial,2*RS485/232,24VDC/AC
1024points 2*ethernet&4*serial,4*RS485,24VDC/AC
Download Detailed Files for Reference
BACnet Gateway Features