Control Method Of Control System

In IoT control system, the design and optimization of controller can make the controlled object have excellent control quality, and it is also an important guarantee for t highly intelligent characteristics of Internet of Things. The following will discuss the control method from perspective of improving network performance and intelligent control theory.

Control Methods to Improve Network Performance

The control system develops from local closed-loop control to network control. The characteristics of network itself will affect the performance of control system. Therefore, the design and improvement of ontrol method can be proposed from the aspect of improving network performance.

Delay, bandwidth, throughput, etc. are important performance indicators of network, and the delay parameter is particularly prominent in IoT environment. The sensors at the end of IoT are numerous and widely distributed, and the collected data is also quite complex. A large amount of information is transmitted to application layer through network, which will overload the network layer and lead to aggravation of network transmission delay; In addition, How quickly and timely control signal sent to actuator is transmitted through network also requires the delay index. Therefore, designing network control algorithm, effectively compensating network delay, and ensuring the stability and robustness of entire control system have always been a hot research issue.

Control Method Based on Intelligent Control Theory

In IoT environment, there are various data sources, and processing resource data at different levels will lead to the evolution of IoT control system into a complex system. In the field of control, intelligent control theory is an important method to solve complex large-scale system problems. Intelligent control represents the latest development process of control discipline. Several important branches of intelligent control are expert control, fuzzy control, neural network control and learning control.

With rapid development of Internet of Things-related technologies and continuous improvement of control theory, the characteristics of IoT control system under the combination of the two have changed from original closed type to open type, and applicable fields will become more and more extensive. However, characteristics of IoT itself also bring many uncontrollable factors and difficulties to the construction of control system. How to ensure the intelligence, real-time, security, and low power consumption of control in an open environment are all important concerns in the future.