Ethernet Remote IO

Remote control has always been a hot spot in industrial informatization. With the rapid advancement of various IoT applications, remote data collection and equipment monitoring through the network has become one of the most economical and reliable ways, and network controllers have been widely used in industrial control fields such as intelligent power systems, industrial automation, and intelligent manufacturing.

Ethernet Remote IO is an IoT terminal device integrating online monitoring and remote control functions. It provides 1 RS485, 2/4 switch input, 2/4 switch output and 2/4 analog input interfaces, supports Socket, Modbus RTU/TCP adaptive, local logic processing operation, automatic acquisition active reporting, DO remote following AI /DI, configuration + cloud real-time monitoring PLC, automatic acquisition of IP address, DNS domain name resolution and other features, support one-to-one / one-to-many / multi-to-many networking, built-in web page configuration equipment parameters, to achieve the user on-site or remote connection, debugging equipment.

Working mode of Ethernet IO controller

As a TCP server, the controller waits for a connection request from the data server at the specified TCP port after power-up. When the data server needs to communicate with the controller, it requests the controller’s listening port to establish a TCP connection, and after the connection is established, the data server can send data to the controller at any time, and the controller can send data to the data server at any time. After completing the specified communication, the data After the specified communication is completed, the data server can take the initiative to request disconnection, otherwise the connection is always maintained.

As a TCP client, the controller will actively request a connection from the server when it is powered on until the TCP connection is established, and the connection will be maintained once it is established. After the connection is established, the data server can send data to the controller at any time, and the controller can also send data to the data server at any time.

The Ethernet IO controller has an industrial grade design with ports that are protected from over-current and over-voltage, and electromagnetic isolation, making it suitable for most harsh rings. The Ethernet IO controller can adapt to Modbus TCP/RTU communication protocol and can collect IO signals remotely via TCP/IP network, which is suitable for all kinds of industrial monitoring field applications and can be easily integrated with third-party SCADA software and PLC devices. It can realize remote control of off-site distributed devices and is widely used in smart home, power monitoring, machine room monitoring, environmental protection testing, industrial automation, intelligent manufacturing and other scenarios.