Integrated IO Module
/Modbus TCP/CC Link IE Field Verison

Integrated  IO Module support the standard ETHERNET IP/PROFINET/ETHERCAT/Modbus TCP communication protocol, and the digital integrated in the module can directly provide high-performance input and output functions without other bus couplers. The high-speed data transmission reaches 100M, which greatly shortens the I/O response time.

CE certificate&2Years Warranty
Cowork with most famious brands PLC/Robot.

Integrated IO Module Model Selection- EtherNet/IP /PROFINET /EtherCAT /Modbus TCP Verison Available
Digital I/OD3200-XX32DO, PNP&NPN,2×RJ45
D0032P-XX32DO, PNP, 2×RJ45
D0032N-XX32DO, NPN, 2×RJ45
D1616P-XX16DI&16DO, PNP,2×RJ45
D1616N-XX16DI&16DO, NPN,2×RJ45
Analog I/OA0600-XX6AI, 0-20mA, 4~20mA, 0~10V,2×RJ45
A1200-XX12AI,0-20mA, 4~20mA, 0~10V,2×RJ45
A0004-XX4AO,0-20mA,4~20mA, 0~10V,2×RJ45
A0604-XX6AI&4AO, 0-20mA,4~20mA, 0~10V,2×RJ45
Note: D3200-EP(EtherNet/IP Version); D3200-PN(PROFINET Version);                                                         D3200-EA(EtherCAT Version);D3200-MT(Modbus TCP Version)
Integrated IO Module Parameter-EtherNet/IP /PROFINET /EtherCAT /Modbus TCP Verison
ETHERNET/IP Communication SpecificationsProtocol ETHERNET/IP
Transfer rate 10/100 Mbaud, automatic identification of transfer rate
Bus interfaceWith dual RJ45 switches according to IEEE 802.xx with auto-negotiation and auto-crossover)
Communication address Globally unique MAC address
Transmission cable CAT5e shielded cable
ETHERNET/IP features Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP), shared devices, synchronous communication
Port ProtectionTransformer isolated, 1500V DC(IEC61000-4-2)
DINumber of channels16
Access type 2 bytes
Ton Type. 18uS / Max. 35uS
Toff Type. 135uS / Max. 250uS
Input type Source or sink
Input connectors Pluggable connectors
Rated input voltage 24 V DC (-15 %/+20 %), (IEC 61131-2, type 2)
“0” signal level -3…+5 V (IEC 61131-2, type 2)
“1” signal level 15…30 V (IEC 61131-2, type 2)
Input current Typ. 10mA/Ch (IEC 61131-2, type 2)
Electrical isolation Input/Control area: 500V DC
DONumber of channels16
Access type 2 bytes
Ton Type. 12uS / Max. 25uS
Toff Type.10mS / Max. 20mS
Output type Source or sink
Output connectors Pluggable connectors
Load typePurely resistive, inductive
Rated output voltage 24 V DC (-15 %/+20 %), (IEC 61131-2, type 2)
Maximum output currentMax. 0.5 A /Ch, independent short circuit protection for each channel
Rated total output current8A
AINumber of channels6
Access type 12 bytes
Input type Voltage type/current type
Resolution 16 bits (including sign)
Sampling range 0-10V, 0-20MA, 4-20MA
Output connector Plug-in connector
Input impedanceCurrent sampling: <=124.5Ω, voltage sampling: <=10MΩ
Sampling error <±0.3% (full scale)
Sampling speed>1kSPS/ch
Software filteringconfigurable
Modular IO Module-EtherNet/IP /PROFINET /EtherCAT /Modbus TCP Verison
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