Modbus TCP IO Module

Modbus TCP IO Module

●Modbus TCP IO Module an ideal device for automatic control scenarios.
●Multiple digital inputs, digital outputs and analog input interfaces
●DO relay output, can control valves, lights, water pumps, inverters, etc.
●DI switch value acquisition, can connect to passive buttons, photoelectric switches, liquid level switches, etc.
●AI analog 20mA acquisition, supports standard 4-20mA sensors such as temperature, humidity, liquid level, etc;
●RS485 interface*1, easy access to terminal devices.
●Support linkage of acquisition signal and output, DO following AI/DI.
●Automatic IP address acquisition; DNS domain name resolution.
●Support hardware watchdog with high reliability;
●Built-in webpage for settings.
●Restart if Timeout(can be set)
●Support serial baud rate revise

Model Selection of Modbus TCP IO Module
KZ-02AL2*DI(Dry contact/NPN)&2*DO&2*AI(4-20mA), RS485+Ethernet,DC9~60V
KZ-04AL4*DI(Dry contact/NPN)&4*DO&4*AI(4-20mA), RS485+Ethernet,DC9~60V
KZ-08AL8*DI(Dry contact/NPN)&8*DO&8*AI(4-20mA), RS485+Ethernet, DC9~60V
KZ-16AL16*DI(Dry contact/NPN)&16*DO&16*AI(4-20mA), RS485+Ethernet,DC9~60V
KZ-DO4040*DO,RS485+Ethernet, DC 9~40V
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Working Functions of Modbus TCP IO Module
Working Principle

Remote control equipment, unlimited distance,

such as controlling Shanghai equipment in Beijing, monitoring Xiamen equipment status.

In this mode, every time the relay is operated, the relay will remain in the state of recovery for a certain time after turning over.

Flash mode: for each operation of the relay, the relay will close for a certain time and then automatically open
Flash off mode: for each operation of the relay, the relay will open for a certain time and then close automatically
Actual time = set number * 0.1, in seconds

DI^&DO&AI&AO of Modbus TCP IO Module

◆Each output is independent and can be connected with different load equipment, such as 220 V electric lamp and 24 V solenoid valve
◆The maximum contact capacity is 250VAC, 10a / 30VDC, 10a
◆The service life is 10W times