Modular IO Module
/Modbus TCP/CC Link IE Field Verison

Modular IO Module is a flake intelligent distributed I/O product,which can integrate digital input,digital output, analog input, analog output and temperature modules like blocks. Compact sheet design, modular splicing, installed in the cabinet, the lateral width of each module is only 17mm. The new generation of high baud rate backplane bus technology supports more I/O expansion and richer functional modules, and high-speed data transmission reaches 100M, which greatly shortens the I/O response time.

CE certificate&2Years Warranty
Cowork with most famious brands PLC/Robot.

Modular IO Module Model Selection-EtherNet/IP /PROFINET /EtherCAT /Modbus TCP Verison Available
Bus CouplerLUC-EPBEtherNet/IP Bus Coupler
LUC-EABEtherCAT Bus Coupler
LUC-MTBModbus TCP Bus Coupler
Digital I/OES-1160D16DI,PNP&NPN,DC24V
ES-2161D16DO,PNP,Single Channel 0.5A DC24V
ES-2162D16DO,NPN,Single Channel 0.5A DC24V
ES-2321D32DO,PNP,Single Channel 0.5A DC24V
ES-2322D32DO,NPN,Single Channel 0.5A DC24V
ES-2083D8DO,Relay output,Single Channel 5A,250VAC/30VDC
Analog I/OES-3081A8AI,16bits,0-20mA,4~20mA
ES-3043A4AI,16bits,0-20mA,4~20mA, 0~10V
ES-4043A4AO,16bits,0-20mA,4~20mA, 0~10V
TemperatureES-3047A4RTD Thermal resistance(PT100,CU50),16bits,four-wire system
ES-3087A8RTD Thermal resistance(PT100,CU50),16bits,two-wire system
ES-3088A8TC(Thermocouple),16bits,two-wire system
Note: 1 bus coupler can supports max 32 pcs of extended IO modules.
Modular IO Module Advantages-EtherNet/IP /PROFINET /EtherCAT /Modbus TCP Verison Available
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Box Type IO Module -EtherNet/IP /PROFINET /EtherCAT /Modbus TCP Verison Available
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